Launch Nudge Global Leadership Challenge in Amsterdam

Launch Nudge Global Leadership Challenge in Amsterdam


Nudge, WakaWaka and Accenture launch the global search for Future Leaders to participate in a life-changing project Rwanda


Amsterdam, Monday 26 May 2014. Nudge, together with WakaWaka and Accenture, today launch the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge 2014. This launch marks the start of the search for 60 Global Young Leaders in 30 countries. The three partners are united in their ambition to challenge these leaders of the future (two candidates per country), and offer them a stage to demonstrate their leadership skills and qualities. The three winners of this competition will have the opportunity to scale up the latest WakaWaka project, the Virtual Grid, from pilot phase to prepaid electricity throughout Rwanda.

According to Jan van Betten, founder and creator of the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge, it is high time that young professionals, who have a clear vision, who demonstrate courage and daring, as well as having an eye for sustainability, take over the reins. “We live in an age where old models have led to financial, social and environmental problems, whose end is not yet in sight. This global transition is of the same magnitude as the industrial revolution of the 19th century and affects both citizens and directors and companies. Worldwide, governments and corporations are realising that this radical revolution demands appropriate responses: new forms of governance, new business concepts, new ways of thinking.” With this challenge, Nudge, WakaWaka and Accenture, will give 60 Young Leaders in 30 countries the opportunity to demonstrate that they have the potential and mindset to develop, shape and effectuate sustainable solutions. Young professionals who recognise themselves in this profile can register until 15 July via www.nudge-global-leadership-challenge.comYoung professionals in China: the deadline for nomination is August 25, 2014.

Video for Future Leaders:

Accenture and 30 Country Support Partners

Van Betten: “Of course it would be impossible to achieve all of this alone. That is why we have started the search for companies in 30 countries that want to commit to our mission. Our global partner Accenture can advise companies in the selection of candidates. For example, Unilever is our Country Support Partner in Brazil. Danone Nutricia has taken on this role in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. FMO, the Dutch development bank, supports South Africa. ABN AMRO supports Hong Kong SAR and the Netherlands. Maximum takes care of China. Heineken will select the two best candidates from the United States and promote the Challenge there. But in just over 20 countries, we are still looking for Young Leaders, as well as Country Support Partners.”

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The Nudge Global Leadership Challenge: 7 to 9 November

From 7th to 9th November 2014, 60 selected participants from 30 countries will meet in Amsterdam for a life-changing event. During the course of three days, the participants will be challenged to work closely together and establish a network that will achieve impact. Leaders of today will share their knowledge and inspiration. Experienced trainers will closely monitor and assess candidates during workshops, debates and presentations. In this way we can test their courage, insight and demonstration of decisive leadership. The three candidates with the highest scores will win the Challenge and be crowned with the title ‘Best Young Global Leader in Sustainability 2014′.

First prize: travel to Rwanda with WakaWaka

Maurits Groen of WakaWaka and partner of Nudge: “The three winners will be invited on an expedition to Rwanda. Here, we will challenge them to scale up our latest concept, the Virtual Grid: pay-as-you-go energy service, from pilot to a nationwide rollout throughout Rwanda. By means of a unique payment system, the pilot will provide 9,000 households in rural areas of Rwanda with WakaWaka’s in a short period of time. In this way an affordable, safe and sustainable alternative will become available to the widely used polluting and unsafe kerosene lamps. The winners will use the results and lessons learnt from the pilot to formulate a successful strategy for all rural off-grid households in Rwanda. This will not only impact the rural households in Rwanda, but also the lives and careers of the winners!”

Video about the Virtual Grid:

About Nudge

Social enterprise Nudge strives towards a sustainable society and has been active since 2010. Nudge connects people and organisations with her online platform in order to achieve grassroots initiatives that have a positive and lasting change in our society. By facilitating bottom-up initiatives, Nudge offers perspective for action that is accessible to everyone. Nudge invites you to take action and make a positive contribution to society. More than 32,000 people have already put their dot on the map of the Netherlands at

About the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge

Nudge, WakaWaka and Accenture are still actively searching for Country Partners in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and United Kingdom. Website:

About WakaWaka in Rwanda: the Virtual Grid

WakaWaka will provide affordable, safe and sustainable energy by means of the Virtual Grid in rural Rwanda, where 95% of the population are not connected to the electricity grid. By linking the WakaWaka to a prepaid business model, the WakaWaka not only provides people in rural areas access to electricity, but also acts as important economic boost to break out of the poverty cycle.

Note to editors

Do you have any further questions about the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge? Please contact Jan Betten via [email protected], Annemarie Appelman via [email protected] /+31 (0)6 16 85 00 00 or Ilse Lettinga via [email protected] / +31 (0)6 8 32 32 666. Would you like more information about the latest WakaWaka project in Rwanda? Please contact Elanna Veldkamp via [email protected] or by phone +31 (0)6 46 77 36 69.