What is the Nudge Global Impact Challenge?

An 8 months development programme (August 2017 – April 2018) about leadership, sustainability and impact including a three-day life changing learning experience in the Netherlands for 90 young professionals (23 – 33 yrs) from all over the world. During three days in October the immense topics Leadership, Sustainability and Impact will be presented, discussed, taught, debated about, and turned upside down in a never before seen format.

The three-day Impact Challenge learning experience and competition for the leaders of the future will be held on 26, 27 and 28 October 2017 in Zeist, the centre of the Netherlands. International world class speakers will share the latest insights in the fields of leadership, sustainability and impact. Participants will gain insight into their own talents and development areas by means of their impact plan, a leadership capacity assessment, teamwork, coaching sessions, role-plays and real life case studies. During the Challenge the participants will be transformed into a network of future leaders.

After three days 90 friends for life will go back to their countries, sharing the same mindset, knowledge and motivation to make a difference. The Nudge Global Impact Challenge will be the start of an international change network of like-minded peers from all over the world. They will be ready to make a difference wherever they are in the world.



Theme: GDP or Sustainable Development Goals?

Nudging young leaders towards sustainable economics

The Wild Card Process

How to obtain a Wild Card?

For 20 young professionals Nudge is able to arrange a sponsorship covering the cost of participation (accommodation and travel costs will be at own expense). How does this wild card process work? This website and a social media campaign will call for young professionals from all over the world to apply for this programme. Nudge will be looking for at least 300 wild card candidates. On 1 July 2017 the wild card application process will stop after which Nudge will start the thorough selection process for the best 20 wild card candidates with the help of our global selection partner. In-depth interviews will also be part of this selection procedure.

Company Candidates

The Selection Process, finding the best young talents within your organisation

Upon request Nudge can assist the Support Partner in selecting the best candidates from within its organisation with the help of a pre-defined process.  This can be an internal competition, personal interviews or a digital selection process based on machine learning.

The Programme

World class speakers, challenging assignments and intensive guidance are the main ingredients of the unique three day life changing experience in October. In fact the Challenge is an eight months development programme for young professionals. Two months before they come to the Netherlands, the participants will write their Sustainability Impact Plan. In the six months after the three days pressure cooker programme, the participants will work on the realisation of their plans and create as much impact as possible. Nudge and programme partner LeaderScope will support them during the entire process. The central focus is to inspire and develop impactful leaders in sustainability. Leaders who show the desire to connect, resilience, adaptability and have the passion to put their ideas into practice. Therefore, participants will enhance three key leadership qualities: building bridges, communicating a compelling vision and creating commitment to act.

Inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs in sustainability will kick off the Challenge on Thursday 26 October during a plenary interactive session. After this, teams of 10 participants will be self-formed through activities in which participants get to know each other in-depth. Together, they will strengthen each other’s Sustainability Impact Plan, which they develop before the Challenge and will enrich during the Challenge.

On Friday, 27 October, five international social entrepreneurs will present a challenging business case that will help to grow their initiative. Each team will be the management of that organization for one day, presenting their best ideas for growth at the end of the day in a Dragons’ Den set up. Assessors will observe each team member’s performance. The best team will be crowned as the Nudge Leadership Growth Team.

The focus on Saturday, 28 October, is on leadership development and enriching the participant’s Sustainability Impact Plan. Inspiring workshops on creativity and vision, influential presentation and building bridges will give participants the best opportunities to have impact in their own environment.

Each participant will prepare a leadership statement at the end of the day answering: ‘How will you realise your desired impact, using all of your leadership qualities? The top 3 young global leaders in sustainability will be selected by the jury, based on the observations from participants and assessors during the Challenge.

Throughout the entire program, thoughtful speakers from a diversity of sectors will surprise and engage participants. Next to that, outdoor exercises and moments of reflection will give the time to digest experiences and impressions.


What do the participants of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge 2017 learn?

At the end of the Nudge Global Impact Challenge, you as a participant will…

→ have created excellent ideas to enrich your Sustainability Impact Plan;

→ have increased the courage to act authentically in realizing your dreams and creating real impact;

→ have developed leadership skills in sustainability. These skills are in particular building bridges, communicating a compelling vision and creating commitment to act;

→ understand better how system thinking can support you to see the big picture and give the right nudge at the right moment to the right person;

→ be able to create energetic teams;

→ have increased your possibilities to change people’s behaviors through inspiration;

→ be inspired by top sustainability and leadership experts who give insights and tools for leadership in sustainability;

→ be inspired by other participants by shared experiences in leadership in sustainability;

→ have made friends for life;

have selected – together with the Dragons’ Den, jury members, other participants and assessors – the Best 3 Global Young Leaders in Sustainability who show the greatest ability to build bridges, communicate a compelling vision and create the commitment to act.


The three-day learning experience of the Challenge will take place in the centre of The Netherlands (Zeist).

Apply now:

• Registration is open until 15 July 2017
• A maximum of 90 participants

For more information go to Apply now page.

The Reward:

The winners will be invited to demonstrate their best skills and talents to make a world changing project happen.


An independent expert jury will evaluate participants.