Report 2016

What is happening at the Global Challenge 2016? Keep an eye on this page to discover what 90 participants from all over the world experience during this life-changing event.


17.30 Announcement of the winners

The three winners of the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge 2016 have just been announced. Congratulations to (fltr) Precious Mundia, wild card holder, Anne Boer (Interface) and Jesse Lopez (Heineken USA). An amazing achievement, keep going!

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17.00 Sharing statements

The ten finalist are climbing the stage and take us away with their powerfull beliefs. Ideas that will all have an enormous impact if continued to be shared. “I will be a pioneer like everybody in this room.” (Ike) “My love, my passion, is going to make me achieve this.” (Precious) “I always fight everyday. I will always fight.” (Jesse) “I just need my passion. I don’t need another skill. I just need people to listen.” (Mayur)

Thank you for sharing!

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16.00 Preparing the leadership statements

How will you achieve your desired impact using all of your leadership qualities? The answer is your leadership statement. The winner of the Challenge will present his/her leadership statement during his or her final speech. But it is much more than preparing a speech in case you are the winner. It is a promise for the next year. And for the year after that. How are you going to make it happen?

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15.30 Meeting Masterpeace, Reward Partner

“About 5 years ago, I decided to change my life”. Aart Bos tells us about the moment he became managing director at MasterPeace: “Our core activity is positiveness. MasterPeace aims to inspire everyone to use their talent and energy for building peace and togetherness. Bos: “Let’s combine our talents and move forwards. You have options and talents to develop. It’s up to you to contribute. What’s your next step?”

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14.30 Making impact by storytelling

If you have a great story to tell, how do you get it accross? Two workshops to prepare everybody to formulate a strong leadership statement. Some final advice: “The answer is already out there, go find it. Good luck!”

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Day 3

11.00 Coming up with powerful interventions

Domenico Dentoni, professor at the Wageningen University, motivates us to work on system interventions for preventing climate change and developing world peace. How are we going to do that? Dialogue, spreading open-mindedness, Domenico Dentoni welcomes the teams with the most impactful, most inspiring ideas on stage. One of the team’s pitches: “A shared learning dialogue creates awareness, educates and involves private public partnerships. We think this is key to the solution of the refugee crisis.”

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18.00 the Nudge Summit in the Peace Palace in The Hague

Our participants had a night full of inspiration, examples of impactful leadership and food for thought at the very first Nudge Summit in the Peace Palace. This evening has been made possible by our sponsors YoungCapital, City of The Hague, B Lab Europe and ABN AMRO, and gave our young professionals the opportunity to connect with current changemakers, like Jeff Furman and Maasai leader Ezekiel Ole Katato. Ezekiel will take the winners of this year’s edition on a life-changing journey with Reward Partner MasterPeace!

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15.00 Clock is running

Each team presents their ideas passionately in max. 5 minutes. We are hearing some great advices. From raising awareness, bringing communities together for impact, financing solutions and so on. The number one team will be chosen as the ‘Nudge Leadership Growth Team’.

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12.00 Time for some good teamwork

Here we are, presenting each other our new teammembers with whom we are working on the business cases. Now is the time to start working out some first ideas. From the conference room comes a buzzing sound of people working hard.

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10.00 Meeting the social entrepeneurs

Rick Koster introduces us to five great social enterprises with a global focus. All five of them present their core challenge on how to grow their initiatives. A wide range of business cases is presented followed by very different questions: How to move from a start-up into a scale-up? Expansion or perfection? How do we find investors allowing us to keep our social mission alive?

We thank TooGoodToGo, Facio Therapies, Lendahand, The Leg Bank and Closing the Loop for their pitches. Let’s work on those business cases!

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08.30 Jonathan Gosling: Leadership for what?

Professor of Leadership Jonathan Gosling asks us the following question: what counts as good work, done well? He shares a great lesson on leadership in sustainability. Gosling reminds us why we are here: “We’re engaged in work that is more than wishful thinking. We must do more than wish for the best.”

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Day 2

08.00 Performance by Celine Cairo

In the beautiful chapel of Woudschoten Celine Cairo sings to us. In this unique acoustic setting she surprises us with her beautiful vocals. It is the start of the second day.

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16.00 Catwalk session

You can almost feel the energy in this picture. All participants walked the catwalk with one question in mind: What is your personal desire to make the world sustainable?

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15.00 Outdoor session

Time for some fresh air! The venue of the Challenge is beautifully located, in the middle of the woods. Here the participants had some challenging and fun team building sessions with Peter Oversteegen and his team!

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13.30 Missing Chapter Foundation

We had a wonderful dialogue session with the children from the International Primary School Hilversum led by the Missing Chapter Foundation on what makes you a good leader!

Read this pearl of wisdom of one of the children “Everyone makes mistakes. As a leader, you shouldn’t be scared of making them.”

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11.00 The second keynote speaker Jeff Furman takes the stage

Jeff Furman, Chair of the Board of Ben & Jerry’s is all about justice and peace.

This major changemaker beliefs that it is young people who have led the way for social justice and created global movements. All it takes is the “the courage to care more than others think is wise, than others think is practical. We need to expect more than others think is possible”.

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09.30 The first keynote speaker Polly Higgins takes the stage

Polly Higgins, Lead Advocate for Ecocide Law, kicks of the Challenge with a talk on Ecocide law, the missing fifth international crime against peace. 

She encourages the participants to ask the difficult questions: ‘How do we create a legal duty of care for the earth?

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Day 1 09.00 – Jan van Betten, Founder of Nudge opens the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge

The Nudge team wishes all participants the best of luck! This is going to be life-changing.

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