Report 2015

Curious about what happened during the Global Challenge 2015? Look through the live report and discover what 30 participants from 19 countries experienced during this life-changing event.


Winners of the Challenge 2015 James (Canada), Cindy (UAE) and Jihad (UAE) made a life-changing trip to Ghana and Ivory Coast together with Tony’s Chocolonely.

Watch the video on the right to be awed by the reward trip of last years’ winners and know what to expect!

A report full of stories and pictures is published on the Nudge Sustainability Hub.

For a beautiful overview of the Challenge have a look at the Visual Story of photographer Bibi Veth.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

17.00 - Announcement of the winners

Exciting times! The three winners of the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge have just been announced. Congratulations to James (Canada), Cindy (Lebanon) and Jihad (Lebanon). Our kindest gratitude goes to the Country Support Partners who made this possible: Heineken, ABN Amro, Unilever, Danone, FMO, Ferrero, Interface & Calor Gas! 

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller

15.00 - Henk Jan Beltman about Tony's Chocolonely

10 years ago Teun van de Keuken started his struggle against the bitter taste of slavery in the chocolate bars. He founded Tony’ Chocolonely to fight a lonely battle against the unfair production chain. At Tony’s, people are crazy about chocolate, literally crazy, says Henk Jan Beltman, the chief chocolate officer. That is why they’ve established a roadmap to raise awareness about the unfairness in the chocolate production. So far, Tony’s Chocolonely is leading by example!

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller

13.30 - Interactive workshops

Before the start of the #GlobalChallenge we have asked the participants to write a Sustainability Impact Plan in which they develop an idea to make their company, organization or community more sustainable. During the workshops with trainer Rick Koster and his team the candidates learn how to get their message across when realizing their plans!

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller

11.30 - Greetings from last year's participant

What a surprise! In the midst of the third day of the #GlobalChallenge we receive a letter from Peter Okeugo. He is a former participant of the Nudge Global Leadership Challenge 2014 and he has precious advice for this year’s participants on their journey to become a great leader.

“You are here because you are passionate about leadership and sustainability in your community, company or country. The world is a global village, which is why we all must work together to sustain what we have now for the future.”, he writes. Read the entire letter here.

Thank you, Peter for sharing your thoughts!

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller

09.45 - Jonathan Gosling about Leadership

“We are currently using 1.5 times of the planet’s resources each year.” Jonathan Gosling, professor of leadership at the University of Exeter kicks off day 3 of the #GlobalChallenge. He gave an inspirational talk about the key features of leadership and answered burning questions from the candidates.

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller

Saturday, November 21, 2015

18.00 - Canal cruise and talks at Heineken

To conclude a fantastic second day the participants enjoyed a splendid canal cruise through Amsterdam and an evening of talks at the Heineken Experience. Keynote speakers, Rob Boogaard, CEO of Interface and Appy Sluijs, professor of Earth Sciences at the Utrecht University shared the corporate and the scientific insights on how sustainability meets leadership and how the participants can contribute.

During dinner the participants interacted with public officials and corporate delegates and discussed current issues they are facing in policy-making and leading companies towards a more sustainable path. A special thank you to Heineken for hosting us.

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller

16.30 - Congratulations to the Nudge Leadership Growth Team

Let us introduce to you, the Nudge Leadership Growth Team: Dayna Adelman from the USA, Luana Almeida from Brazil, Cindy Abi Khzam from Dubai, Venki Vaith from Finland, Savvas Bermperis from Greece and Sara Francesca from Italy. After working on a Moyee Coffee business case they have been voted as winning team by the participants, as well as by the jury. Congratulations!

A special thanks to the jury, composed by Jan van Betten (NudgeNL), Isolde Schram (Hop, Step & Leap), Dominique Hermans (Alliander), Eric Buckens (ABN Amro social impact fund) and Tim Rutten (DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals B.V.).

10.30 - Participants working on their business cases

The participants are about to start a demanding afternoon session where they will work together with advisors, experts and social entrepreneurs. They will analyse four business cases and bring them to the next level by means of innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, leadership and communication. 

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller

09.30 - Social entrepreneurs presenting their cases

Emma Olde Bijvank from WakaWaka, Pieter van der Manden from Rainbow Collection, Alanna Sousa from Liter of Light and Anne van der Veen from Moyee Coffee present their business cases. The four social entrepreneurs will guide the participants of the #GlobalChallenge during the afternoon. They will share their insightful experience and challenge the participants to think out of the box and to come up with socially valuable ideas to make their business case work. 

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller

08.30 - Marga Hoek on New Economy Business

Marga Hoek encourages the participants of the #GlobalChallenge to add social value to their plans by saying: “We should have a positive impact because we live longer than ourselves, we live through the generations to come.”

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller

08.00 - Moment of reflection

A melodic start of the second day of the #GlobalChallenge with songwriter and singer Yori Swart. The participants enjoy the music for a session of reflection. Together in their teams they determine their personal goal for the day.

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller

Friday, November 20, 2015

20.30 - What a wonderful day

A successful and inspiring day 1 of the #GlobalChallenge is nearly over. The participants and the team members are heading towards dinner where they learn more about the history of the beautiful venue, Duin en Kruidberg.

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller

17.20 - Working on the Sustainability Impact Plan

The participants of the #GlobalChallenge split into teams and start working on their Sustainability Impact Plans. Leaderscope will give them guidance and support to bring their ideas to life. Later, during the evening the participants will also receive one-on-one coaching sessions on leadership capacities and personal development.

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller

16.15 - The catwalk

Spotlights on! The participants enter the catwalk and share their personal desire for a more sustainable world. Big ambitions behind their words: end water crisis, consume sustainable, connect and end poverty! They are certainly embracing the #GlobalChallenge!

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller

14.45 - Outdoor exercise and overcoming obstacles

Leadership is also about being vulnerable and learning to delegate responsibilities to others. During an outdoor exercise with the coach Peter Oversteegen, the participants of the #GlobalChallenge have learned how to overcome physical obstacles and to trust each other while catching some fresh air. A first step towards team building.

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller

13.30 - Princess Laurentien and The Board of Children

And… welcome to Princess Laurentien van Oranje and the Missing Chapter Foundation! The Board of Children of the foundation gives empowering and moving advice to the participants of the #GlobalChallenge. They comment on the future plans of the participants and counsel them on how to approach the issues from different angles. Conclusion? Fear out the window, embrace your passion and be confident. 

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller

11.30 - Andy Ridley about the challenges leaders face today

Keynote speaker Andy Ridley, the Managing Director of Circle Economy talks about the challenges leaders face today. He engages the participants in a debate about several controversial statements, such as the role of hope as motivator for innovation and change: What do you think?

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller

10.20 - Paulette van Ommen shares her personal story

Paulette van Ommen, Corporate Sustainability Manager at DSM shares her personal story on leadership and sustainability with the participants of the #GlobalChallenge. She gives advice on how to better understand what kind of impact the participants can have on society and where they could position themselves in the corporate system.

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller

9.55 - Daniel Erasmus kicks of the Challenge

Keynote speaker Daniel Erasmus kicks off the ‪#‎GlobalChallenge‬ 2015. While sharing long-term scenarios for our planet he challenges the audience:

“Do you see the space between the world we want and the world we have? What is holding us back? It is resources on one hand, but it is also imagination!”

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller

9.00 - Nudge founder, Jan van Betten enters the stage

Chairwoman of the #GlobalChallenge, Anne-Maartje Oud introduces Jan van Betten, founder of Nudge. He talks about the idea behind the Challenge:

“It is your generation that will make the difference. When you leave this place you will be friends for life and you will be really inspired to make a difference in this world, together. I am truly excited!”

Photo by Bibi Veth – Visual Storyteller